September 3, 2010

I will say this about Kathleen Parker--when she is right, she is really right

Usually, I think she is wrong, but she is one of the few conservatives who sees the idiocy and absolute bankruptcy of Sarah Palin. And here she also suggests that Glenn Beck may not be completely past his addiction problems and is taking them out on all of us. And, in the process, bringing Saint Sarah along for the ride. As he did last week at his MLK mocking festival.
Palin is the mother of a soldier, after all, and God bless her, and him, and all those who have served. Unassailable. As Palin said, whatever else you might say about her, she did raise a combat soldier. "You can't take that away from me."

Who you? Oh, that's right, The Media. Never mind that Beck is one of the richest members of the media. Or that Palin has banked millions primarily because The Media can't get enough of her. But what's an exorcism without a demon? And who better to cast into the nether regions than the guys lugging camera lights?
So nice to see someone call out the idiocy and pure bullshit of Sarah Palin. Few people have made as much money from the very elites she claims to disdain, and actually seems to disdain the very people she claims to champion.

And our Mr. Beck?
Covering all his bases, Beck invoked the ghost of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who stood in the same spot 47 years ago to deliver his most famous speech. Where King had a dream, Beck has a nightmare: "It seems as darkness begins to grow again, faith is in short supply."

Really? When did that happen? Because it seems that people talk about God all the time these days. Even during the heyday of Billy Graham, most Americans could get through 16 or so waking hours without feeling compelled to declare where they stood on the deity.
Boy does that seem right on point. In a day when everyone is being asked if they know what the President believes about God--and demanding that he demonstrate to their satisfaction that he believes like them (even as nothing he could do would convince them), it is hard to hear about how poor Christians are under attack.

Like I said, Kathleen Parker has driven me crazy. But for some reason, she has not been fooled by these idiots. Good for her. Now if only a few more adults will joing in.

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