September 29, 2010

An update on the Streak house

Streak (the dog) is still doing quite well, and we are hopeful for more time before we have to do another treatment. In fact, he has felt good enough to go on two walks per day as the weather has cooled rather nicely.

I, on the other hand, go in tomorrow (gulp) for my shoulder surgery. I am a bit overwhelmed, but also ready to get this over. My surgeon is impressive and has a great reputation around here, and he has done a few hundred (at least) of these exact surgeries. My nurse yesterday, in fact, had a very similar surgery a month ago by the same surgeon. I am nervous for the anesthesia and nervous about the first several days of being useless and angry. There will be machines for ice and for movement, and some kind of pump that keeps a local anesthetic on the wound for a few days. And I am nervous about how long it will take before I can teach and do my job.

But I am amazed at how many friends around us have offered to help in ways they can. My friend Anglican has already covered a class for me when I met with the surgeon, and is willing to do more. Other friends are covering classes, a colleague is picking up exams, and still more have assured us that they are around should we need rides, or errands, or chicken soup. And those who are far away have sent their good wishes and prayers.

Thanks to everyone, and hopefully, I will be posting soon.


zalm said...

I'd be crazy nervous for surgery, too. I'm sure that's not unusual. I hope the surgery goes smoothly.

I'm so glad to hear that Streak is continuing to do well. I'm sure having him around and in good spirits will be nice as you recuperate.

Streak said...

Thanks, Zalm. I really appreciate the good thoughts.

Monk-in-Training said...

Prayers for you Streak.