September 6, 2010

Labor day update

Nothing spurs fundamentalist outrage like defending the Christian faith of Barack Obama. After all, just look at his name. He can't be Christian. Plus, he is a liberal, and every fundy knows that Jesus hearts Sarah Palin. After all, everyone knows she is a Christian. Just look at her.


But today is Labor Day and today, I am thankful for much. Streak's roller coaster ride took a turn up over the weekend. Friday night was bad and so was Saturday morning. Yesterday morning, he ate quite a bit of peanut butter and seemed to enjoy it. And last night, after a non-emergency trip to the emergency vet to empty his bladder, for the first time in over a week, Streak ate some boiled hamburger and actually peed outside on his own. They had to muzzle him at the vet (and we heard a few of his trademark yelps) and maybe that was the last straw for him. No more sticking that up his, well, you know.

Anyway. This morning he ate again and did his morning duties. And we did a little short walk. Have no clue how much more time we have with him, but this morning and last night were just great. We will take them. Any day.

But I am also grateful for those labor activists who worked over the years to push for things like an 8 hour work day and a 40 hour week. And those who pushed to end child labor, and those who pushed to have basic safety protections in dangerous jobs. And those who fought against locking workers inside dangerous buildings. And those who pushed for minimum wage laws. Even if now people who benefit from everyone of those things now work politically to undermine those advancements.

And finally, I am grateful to spend today with SOF and Streak and our other dog Abbie and our two cats (the diabetic Calvin, and the crazy and sweet Molly). I am grateful that my parents are back from their trip and that my dad is feeling better. I am grateful for my friends (those I have blog-met and those who have listened to my bullshit in person), and my nieces and nephews and other relatives who still seem to like me.

Happy Labor Day.


Smitty said...

And a happy labor day to you as well, Streak, SOF, Real Streak and everyone else!

Cold In Laramie said...

Happy labor day. Been thinking about you.