January 4, 2007

Bush does it again

Bush wrote another signing statement says he can open mail without a warrant. Nevermind that there isn't a judge in the land who wouldn't authorize a warrant if there was merit to it. Nevermind that the Constitution does not grant the President the power to write his own laws.

This has the stench of Cheney all over it. And with him as VP, this White House will never submit, because Cheney believes that Nixon was right and that the Congress was wrong. Yeah, that far back.


New Congress today and the first woman Speaker of the House. I hope they do good things, starting with the very doable and defensible positions they have taken already--raising minimum wage, 9-11 commission suggestions, etc. They also want to reform lobbying and I hope they do so and follow through. Lot of money there and that temptation is tempting for everyone--not just people like Tom Delay.


Rep Boehner was talking about the war on terror and reminds me of one of my ongoing questions for Republicans. If the war in Iraq and the war on Terror is for our very survival, then why haven't the Republicans in charge fought it with that in mind? Why fight on the cheap and ask Americans to go shopping? If it is for our very survival, why not mobilize the entire country? At the very least, ask more than just the military people and their families.

I think the truth is they themselves don't believe it is for our survival. They believe, as Karl Rove has demonstrated since 9-11, that it is a convenient tool to motivate voters out of fear.

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