January 16, 2007

USA Today appalled by Stimson

And should be. Remember the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for detainee affairs who threatened law firms who dared represent detainees? Well, at least USA Today is calling for his boss to speak out, and Stimson to be repudiated. He should be fired.


SOF said...

Thought you might want to see these. Fifty seven law school deans signed a statement to repudiate Stimson's comments.


Also Stimson wrote an apology to the Washington Post.


Even with his apology I think he should be reprimanded if not relieved of his duties as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. His statement does not represent the America I love and brought up to cherish.

(Sorry about the URLs. I entered paragraph marks so they wouldn't be chopped off.)

Streak said...

Agreed. His apology sounded weak--that it didn't represent his core values. Well, if that is true, why the hell was he out pushing this line?

ubub said...

Stockholm Syndrome?