January 1, 2007

The War

Fred at Slacktivist talks about the non-reality based community.
I have friends and relatives who fervently believe that the war in Iraq is going well. Any bad news you may be hearing is simply the distortions, lies and propaganda of the evil liberal media.

(Since I'm part of that evil, liberal media, you can imagine what my Christmas visit with my family was like.)

I say that they believe this "fervently" -- an adverb settled on because "honestly" and "earnestly" just won't fit.

This is not something one can believe honestly. It's too wild, too expansive a claim. It encompasses too many incompatible things.

Believing such a thing requires a delicate touch, an epistemological finesse. In order to avoid engaging the reality that this construct exists to deny, you need to be able to recognize that reality from a distance so that you can give it a wide berth, all while insisting that there's nothing over there to see.

All of which calls for a certain mental nimbleness. It's an exercise which may be done fervently but requires too much deliberate self-deception to be done honestly.


volfan007 said...

what i would like to tell fred is....maybe they just disagree with you. maybe they dont agree with your assesment of whats going on. have you ever thought of that, or does pride make you and others of your tribe make you believe that you are the intellegencia handing down truth to all the peons out there who dont agree with you.


Da Troll said...

I disagree. You don't understand how things work. You are simply wrong

Streak said...

As I noted in another comment, moderation is now on. I am tired of Volfan's stupidity. Whoever he is, is willing to engage only when I compared him to Eric Rudolph.

So Volfan, go in peace, go volunteer in Iraq, go beat someone with a Bible--just go. But when you do, know that the fact that you claim to be a minister makes the rest of us shake our heads.