January 23, 2007

Live blogging the SOTU

A) how damn cool it is to hear this particular President say "Madam Speaker." And Bush did so with a certain dignity. A dignity that I didn't know he had in him.

B) Badmouthing the size of government is disingenous for this guy. Has exploded the government in his last 6 years. Like I said, now that the Dems are in power, time for the Republicans, even including Bush, now have rediscovered some semblance of fiscal responsibility.

C) Bush looks like he is thinking, "Ok, can I go back to Crawford and execute people?"

D) Love the call for balancing the budget. Where the hell was that the last 6 years? Oh right, in Haliburton.

E) here comes the education magic. No Child Educated Act. Please renew this piece of shit legislation.

F) Is "backsliding" thumper code?

G) He means something different when he says "affordable" and "health care" and "people."

H) Health care "reform" sounds like voodoo. VOODOO

I) Had to be a long walk with the President and Boehner. Heh.

J) Cheney wondering where he left his borg plug in. Lieberman thinking that there are a lot of people in the room.

K) Who is that guy? And the guy next to him. And why is that guy clapping?

L) "Junk lawsuits." What the hell does that mean? Why are 4 people standing. Kerry just stood on the line about medical insurance companies. Sigh.

M) Here comes the border. And the immigants. Not learning their english. Oops. Guest worker program. Right wingers hate that shit.

N) McCain thinking, "Where is that bastard Dobson? I can take him." Or else, "which side should I flop to tonight."

O) He said "civil debate." Hah

P) One more standing O and Cheney's heart is in trouble.

Q) Cheney looks unhappy about the oil talk. "Must. Not. Badmouth. Oil."

R) "Clean Coal?" Thats unpossible.

S) He actually said bio-diesel. Who the hell is this? Woodchips. Grasses. There it is. Dude is recalling his dorm at yale after cheerleading. "Don't bogart that grass fuel."

T) Cheney is laughing at the renewable fuel thing. He knows Bushie will never produce. Didn't even stand for that.

U) Bush did say "conserve." That is rather radical. BTW, if we are less dependent on oil, what will we use to lubricate Dick Cheney's heart?

V) Federal courts? Judges? Uh oh. I don't like the sound of this. Oh right. "Push through my political hacks as "judges.""

W) 9-11 reference? Homeland? Ja! Oops. Take it to the enemy. "Iraq was a great war. " "Best defense is a good, er, 9-11, er, won't get fooled again." "Won't know how good we are because our intel is so bad." "Anthrax! Run away! Run away!"

X) list of faux plots against our country. 9-11. 9-11. Terror. Terror. 9-11. Bush just described his foreign policy, but was trying to describe the evil terrorists." Who are trying to dominate the Middle East. Right.

Y) Cheney thinking, " I should have taken him out when I could." Bush mentioned "lawful" and "duty." He said "duty." Republicans phoning it in now. Uh oh, classic ideological struggle. Please shop more. 9-11, cut taxes.

Z) Democracy on the march. McCain asleep. Kennedy doing the crossword.

AA) The war in Lebanon was NOT our fault. Al Qaeda. 9-11. Bush knows about the mosque in Sumara. Invade Iran now! Now, my monkeys!

BB) How did this guy get elected? That Hadley guy is definitely stoned.

CC) Don't think I have ever seen a SOTU crowd this bored.

DD) meant to say we didn't drive out terrorists from Afghanistan. Said didn't do it only to allow terrorists to gain ground in Iraq. Oops. Did both.

EE) Baghdad is definitely in Iraq.

FF) Epic battle, dude. Hey there is that Jewish guy.

GG) Nothing is more important in our history than Iraq. Please continue to shop.

HH) Support our troops. Not everyone there could get out of things like I did.

II) work together. I am a unificator. Share ideas. Well show them sunsabitches. Armed forces getting bigger. Watch out twins.

JJ) Volunteer civilian corps? Is that the same thing as Blackwater? Defining struggle of our time. Please go shopping. Extremism. Shop more. Iran is evil. Nukular. Condi, Condi, Condi.

KK) Translation. Nato is trying to save my butt in Afghanistan. Diplomacy? What that?

LL) To whom much is given, much is required. Code? Think the dude has actually been better on poverty in Africa and AIDS. Why is it that he can see that stuff, but still listens to Dicky on attacking Iran.

MM) Democracy is on the rise. Hey, debt relief. Good deal. Glad they reference Mutumbo. Dikembe is a good guy. I can applaud that one. We are better with that guy here.

NN) Ok, I like the Dikembe stuff, but the other "see who is here" part of the speech is starting to bug me. "i believe this is the most important thing I have ever done." Please go shopping.

OO) Oh good god. Though I like that subway hero dude. He did good.

PP) Man that dress is really red. Good god. Did she set off a flare or something?

QQ) Why does this remind me of Harey Carey when he would call Cubs games? "And here visiting we have Judy and Don from Chicago." I don't have a problem with recognizing medal winners.

RR) God, Lynn Cheney is annoying even without a microphone. The marine is cool though.


ubub said...

chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pie

ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch the speech, but I may have to now just to sync it with your running commentary. Some of those points really have me curious.

Tony said...

Did you see the dem response? Jim Webb threw down a gauntlet, didn't he???

Streak said...

I think this may be the first SOTU that I have watched in years. For whatever reason, it is more interesting to watch Bush on the defensive than as a cocky "I will do what I want and you can't change any of that."

I thought Webb's speech was pretty strong and he presents a formidable presence for a newly elected Senator. One of the blogs I read referred to him as the next VP of the US. Perhaps.

Marty said...

Great bowl of alphabet soup you cooked up there Streak.

By far, the best commentary I've seen!

I had a similar reaction to that horrible red dress.