January 23, 2007

Still here

Haven't been blogging much lately. Very busy with school and even trying to practice more on the Tele. Both classes are challenging for completely different reasons. One is small and actually cares and the other one isn't and doesn't. :)


When I am not prepping or playing, I seem to be commenting over at Tony's discussion on homeschooling. Very interesting discussion, and thanks to Tony for his gracious moderation. I can be mouthy sometimes. I enjoyed it, but feel like I stumbled into another "third-rail" of things very difficult to talk about. :)


Kind of on that note, I still struggle with this notion of faith and how it relates to our broader understanding. My mother once had a small clot in her eye that gave her a new blind spot. I still remember learning that she would soon not see that blind spot because her brain would fill it in. Then, of course, I learned that we all have them. That became a metaphor for world view for me, and I became increasingly convinced that we all construct our world--to some extent. We all select out certain information or overemphasize others that fits, to a certain degree, how we want that world to appear. The danger, it seems to me, is when we assume that our world understanding is the understanding. For me as well.

So, with that caution of introspection, I fear a world where faith trumps reason in dangerous ways. For me, faith was that way of grappling with those things that human reasoning can't explain. The big questions of "is there a God" and "Why does she hate Florida?" are perfect examples of "faith" questions. I don't need "faith" to explain, for example, the existence of the sun. I do need faith to believe that God exists and cares about what happens to us.

I fear, however, that faith has become not an extension, but alternative to reason. Facts not measuring up to your constructed world view? No problem, just impose faith on that pesky area. Historical explanations not what you like? Don't believe them and keep looking until you find the one "historian" who presents the alternative you prefer.

Note, this is not an attack on creationism. As a "belief" or act of "faith" it seems incredibly reasonable to believe that our universe and world had some kind of creative force behind it. I have never had a problem with that. What I struggle with is the imposition of that "belief" into a system of "facts" to the point that even geological evidence is simply rejected.


Ah, our media. Evidently, as Faithful Progressive suggests, our media might have actually reported on something. Stop the presses! Cnn evidently reported that the madrassa smear on Obama was planted by the Wash Times (or someone) who used it to try and also smear Hillary's campaign. Those pesky Swiftboaters are a tenacious bunch. If the media actually reports on this stuff, might not be so damaging. Now where were they when Kerry's VN experience was being savaged? Oh, right. Transcribing.


Saw that Bush's poll numbers dropped to 28%. I expect him to pull out some proposals in this speech which will belie his assertion that he doesn't care that the American people think he is incompetent. He is expected to call for increased fuel efficiency (where was that six years ago? Oh right, in Dick Cheney's energy taskforce trashcan.) and might even suggest some tweaks to the healthcare system. Amazing what facing a hostile congress might actually produce. First he decides that he might use FISA after all, what is next? Might he suggest that the Constitution does actually include habeas protection?

Speaking of the worst president in American history, saw this at another Okie blog and chuckled:
"George W. Bush’s Guide to Resolving Marital Disputes

Rule 1
Remember-You are always right.

Rule 2
Never, never apologize. If you admit you’re wrong, you’re essentially calling God a liar, you bastard. Always stay the course, no matter how rocky it gets.

Rule 3
Don’t compromise with your spouse. What ever he/she is suggesting is not a winning strategy, because it is not your strategy, which can be the only winning strategy. And, after all, you do want to make this marriage work, right?

Rule 4
In fact, if your spouse questions your unreasonable behaviors, immediately call his/her motives into question. Why are they wanting to sabotage your marriage? Invoke 9/11, if necessary. Ask them why they didn’t just marry France, if they love it so much?

Rule 5
Blame it on the kids. It’s not your fault that things are going from bad to worse. It’s that the kids need to take responsibility for their own affairs. Sounds like a surge in discipline may be required."

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Faithful Progressive said...

Like the blind spot analogy and the faith/reason discussion. One of my favorite quotes is "religion begins where certainty ends." The idea of mystery is what's missing in so much discussion of faith these days. We can't expect to know it all--yet almsot everyone one of us, deep down, thinks we do.