January 31, 2007

I think I have said this before

But I remember learning the story of the "boy who cried wolf" as a child. I learned that I needed to keep my credibiliy in mind because if people lost faith in my word, then when I really needed them, they would distrust me. Bush and Cheney appear to have missed that lesson:
"The Bush administration has taken an increasingly aggressive stand against Iran. Officials say there is no intention of going to war, but all options are on the table. Is the U.S. considering a military strike?"
Evidently two failed wars are not enough for Cheney and his bloodlust. How else to explain it? Is he stupid? Evil? Greedy? I don't understand the man. Compared to Cheney, Bush appears sane and actually connected to reality. In last week's interview with Blitzer, the public focussed on the issue of his gay daughter's child, but the real news was that Cheney disputed even the question of failure and disaster in Iraq so far. He won't even concede that.



ubub said...

I thought of the boy who cried wolf, too. Tubes! Aluminum tubes! Yellowcake! WMD! Al Qaeda! Boo! Not true in Iraq, but now? Who knows? Maybe there's a new Ho Chi Minh Trail running through Iran. Again, who knows what to believe. Too bad they blew it already. Now I am just waiting for them to claim that they got this news from the Hilary Clinton campain.

Streak said...

What amazes me is how Cheney seems to not care. Bush seems to delude himself and really want us to believe him. Cheney doesn't care if we agree with him or not. And never has. I just don't understand his motivation.

Bootleg Blogger said...

Streak- I can't believe you can't relate to a gazillionare who's life has been people asking how high when he said frog:-). There is no understanding it- It's an insulated, arrogant individual in his insulated world of limos, assistants, and megabusiness cronies. I take it you weren't invited to his Christmas party, either:-). Oh well, maybe next year.-BB