February 28, 2007

The goggles! They do nothing!

Certainly when watching television. Last night's Daily Show had a particularly disturbing story about conflict between Katy residents and a local Muslim association. Turns out that they want to build a mosque and the neighbor decided to have pig races on Friday nights to offend his new neighbors. Reading the story, there are clearly some areas of miscommunication on both sides, but the report (on the Daily Show) ended with the farmer claiming that he wasn't a racist, but rather a bigot.

Ze Goggles!


Meanwhile, SOF has a head cold for the ages and is not happy right now. I made her the magical chicken soup last night with the egg noodles my mother taught me to make--but no magical recovery. Dammit. That's ok. She is home sleeping and hopefully will feel better soon.


Heard from a colleage who I trust and admire a story about Obama. Someone who taught with him says he is absolutely brilliant, and the person saying this is widely regarded as equally brilliant. Add that to the discomfort I feel everytime Hillary goes on the attack and you can see the Streak supporting Obama.


Speaking of inside information, we had the pleasure of meeting Diane Rehm last week. She was delightful and has a very interesting life story. She gave a little talk about her struggle with spasmodic dysphonia, and then some about her radio show. She argued that our political system creates scripted politicians devoid of any real qualities. Pressed with a question about naming a "genuine politician," she was stumped.

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P M Prescott said...

My dream ticket would be Obama and Richardson. Obama with the charisma and articulation and intellegence. Richardson as VP would be a great asset for Foreign relations which everyone claims is his weakness.