February 28, 2007

What is their motivation?

TPMmuckraker notes that senior Justice officials have admitted that federal prosecuters are being fired to make room for political hacks. Evidently the Bushies have lots more incompetent people to appoint, and now that the people have spoken they don't have the Republican rubber stamp. Federal prosecutors are an attractive target because under that Patriot Act provision, they don't have to expose their appointees to senate confirmation.

So, why do they do all this. Is it worth it to claw your way to the top only to commit such incompetence that people routinely refer to you as the worst administration in American history? Even some from your own party refer to your war policy as the most dangerous foreign policy in American history?

For some strange reason, I think that competence is often spurred by the fact that even if people are not inner directed to do good work, they are at least hoping that others will think well of them. Evidently, either they don't care or don't know.

Either way it is a dark blotch on the history of American democracy.

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