February 8, 2007

I STILL hate our media

Thankfully, I missed this story, but it appears that the Moonie Times is funding more lies against Democrats. That is amazing at two levels--one that all the religious conservatives in this country rely on the media conglomeration of one the world's wackiest cultists--and two that with the clear bias of the Times and Rupert Murdoch's admission that he slanted the news to promote the war, we have a clear bias, but it isn't liberal.

Anyway, all of that just angers me, especially since I turned on Fox the other day (mistake, believe me, and I am thinking of upgrading that TV so I can block it) only to find Cavuto blathering on about how the war in Iraq was going just fine. Ok.

Yesterday's media blitz about the astronaut was just more of the other media problem--that it can't cover anything that isn't sensational. Why, by the way, does the "regular media" look down on the National Enquirer, when they cover the same type of stories?

Jon Stewart was brilliant last night when he labeled this story something like "successful woman in tragic local story." Exactly. This story, while interesting at a voyeur level, has nothing to do with how we live our lives. If the press could only focus half as much on Bush's executive order politicizing government agencies--you know, something that we have to live with--then we might have a media.

This morning, I turned on CNN to see a blurb about the astronaut story. Their "B-roll" (as I believe they call it) revealed just how ridiculous this all was. In the middle of showing images we have seen nonstop since yesterday of the woman covering her head in a windbreaker and the tortured mug shot--was a picture of the Miss Universe giving her crying mea culpa. That's right. Idiots.

We benefitted from this when the Foley story broke because the media loves the sex stories, and that one actually related to the power structure of congress. But most of these sex stories are ridiculous and trivial and sad.

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