February 20, 2007

This is George Bush's America

I noted the WaPo story the other day on the "other Walter Reed" where out patient solders dealt with mice, wheelchairing to appointments with no assistance, and general disregarding of people who have sacrificed all. This is irresponsible at a level that makes me want to scream. Horses Mouth has the White House response:
"QUESTION: The White House doesn't want to be on record with a more emphatic expression of amazement and upset about this?

MR. SNOW: No. David asked where the outrage -- of course there's outrage that men and women who have been fighting have not received the outpatient care -- if you read the stories, there are many who are happy with it, some who are unhappy, and it's important that we show our commitment to the people who have served. I don't know what more you want me to do.


QUESTION: Do you think the President is going to say something about this later?

MR. SNOW: No."

This is our President. Watching Chris Matthews (even though he is a braying ass) and his anger at Bush and the mistreatment of soldiers is palpable. But he is right here. This President refused to serve in VN, something I completely understand being a coward myself. But normal cowards understand their own weakness and learn from it and have an admiration and appreciation for those who do serve. Bush somehow thinks himself a war hero rather than the coward that he is. And his bungling has punished those true heros and warriors who fight for the rest of us. Shame on him.

And shame on those who continue to support him.


Tony said...


I must remind you and apparently you have forgotten.

He is the Commander in Chief.


Streak said...

For those in the Justice Dept. reading this right now, I do recall that he is the CinC.