February 4, 2007

Speaking of Evangelicals

I think I caught part of the Alexandra Pelosi documentary on evangelicals. I didn't watch the entire thing and frankly, am not that interested. After reading this review, I am less interested.

But what did interest me, and will interest Tony, was the discussion Ted Haggard had about his little training camp. He said that it was a training camp just as (paraphrase from memory) "Pepsi has a camp to help sell Pepsi over coke, or liberal universities pushing liberalism over evangelical christianity."


Christianity is just like Pepsi. Or Coke. Or Ford.


Tony said...

Hey, I could not find the source about the paraphrase from Haggard???

But do I really have to choose Pepsi over Coke? This may be like me a few posts ago calling you to choose between Falwell and Dobson.


I'm a Dr. Pepper guy.

Streak said...


I will keep looking for a transcript or something. That was a rough paraphrase from the part that I saw.

ubub said...

Tony, I think that makes youa Unitarian or something.

JoeG said...

No, no, no ubub. Everyone knows Unitarians favor coffee!