February 4, 2007

Super Bowl--live blogging--sort of

I really dislike Devin Hester and I have no reason to. Perhaps my dislike of the Bears going back to the SuperBowl shuffle.

I seriously wonder if my issue is not related to the uniforms. I have no real belief that the Bears are any more arrogant or annoying than any other NFL team. But for whatever reason, they appear that way in my eyes. And I was kind of cheering for them last year.

That said, the opening kick return was a great one. The rain certainly doesn't help Indy.

Oh, and don't expect me to cheer for Cedric Benson or Thomas Jones. One is a former UT player and I have never liked Thomas Jones.


I really hate how networks turn football into "synergy" and use their air time to push some stupid show. I might like the show, but inserting this kind of crap into a football game is horrible. I especially hate how they call some stupid actor into the booth to talk about their show and then the game. True fans loathe it.


And now I will contradict myself. Well, kind of. I would be glad to not have a halftime show of any kind. But if we are going to have one, Prince is not too shabby. Better than every one in recent memory. That guy can play, and I am pretty sure that first guitar was a Tele. And you have to love someone playing a version of "All along the Watchtower," which might be the greatest rock song every written. Tell me this doesn't kick ass compared to the Stones or whatever that Janet Jackson halftime was.


Oh right, the game. Indy has withstood the intensity. Have to see what happens from here on out, but Indy shows the ability to move the ball.


Damn, that is some rain. Not exactly what you expect from the Superbowl.


Interesting game. The weather has certainly had an impact. Now we will see what Rex can do in this situation.


Slick field, and a great spin move will create problems.


Bears have gotten some good calls. That penalty on the field goal should have been a personal foul. If that isn't a personal foul then what would qualify? Turn around and then the refs find their flag on the late hit. Probably a legit call there, but where was that call on the field goal?


Game is over. And it was a decent game. Indy sure ran the ball better than anyone expected. Certainly better than I expected. Defense played well enough to win, and Rex Grossman showed some of the signs of the qb that we thought.

I am glad for Peyton, in that I always feel for those guys who have to carry that great expectation. I am also glad for Dungy, though his post-game speech about doing it the "Christian way" kind of sucked. As SOF pointed out, if that means treating people with respect and dignity, and putting winning, losing, and the business of football in perspective, then I don't mind too much. But none of that requires the "Christian way."


Cold In Laramie said...

Live blogging during the Super Bowl? That unpossible.W

Wasp Jerky said...

Sigh. At least the White Sox got a World Series.