February 2, 2007

Say what now?

Bible Belt Blogger: Southern Baptists honor President Bush: "NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Southern Baptists, who have long been among the most vocal Christian groups supporting the Bush administration, have given the president an award for advocating religious freedom.

Richard Land, who heads the lobbying arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, presented the 2006 John Leland Religious Liberty Award to Bush in the Oval Office on Monday for 'courageously defending the right of all people to exercise freely their religious faith,' according to the framed citation.

'I can't think of another president in my lifetime who has done more to promote religious liberty specifically as a fundamental human right around the world than Bush,' Land told the Baptist Press."

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Wasp Jerky said...

Well, sure, he's given Iraq a great opportunity to have a fundamentalist Muslim government. You know, just like Iran.