March 24, 2007

Because lying is fine with this President

Bush reaffirms support for Gonzales despite the fact that the most recent email dump shows that the AG lied to all of us about his involvement in the Attorney purge.
"WASHINGTON - President Bush is standing firmly behind his embattled attorney general despite Justice Department documents that show Alberto Gonzales was more involved in the decisions to fire U.S. attorneys than he previously indicated.

Gonzales said last week he was not involved in any discussions about the impending dismissals of federal prosecutors. On Friday night, however, the department disclosed Gonzales’ participation in a Nov. 27 meeting where such plans were discussed."
For those expecting the President to emulate his favorite political philosopher, we will continue to wait. WWJD? Lie his ass off, evidently, because Bush is more Custer (Little Big Man style) than the Truman he likes to compare himself to. How dare anyone doubt his decisions to appoint an unqualified political hack as AG? How dare anyone question his use of the Justice Department as his own little fiefdom to go after political opponents.

Gonzales has to go, and if his boss had any integrity at all, he would resign too.

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