March 23, 2007

I feel hip today

Maybe just for today. Last week, right before leaving for vacation, I heard this great review of Neon Bible, the new album from The Arcade Fire. I bought the album on its release date and so felt like I was on top of things when I heard the album reviewed on NPR. Then today, I heard this review of Ted Leo's new album 'Living with the Living' which I just purchased this week. During the review, they named the three other big indie releases of this year--Neon Bible, Ted Leo, and The Shins. I have all three and feel damn near up-to-date.

BTW, they are all good albums.

Speaking of good music, I like Brandi Carlile, though I thought I would never promote a woman named Brandi with an "i". But that said, she can sing! Her new album is coming out April third and is evidently produced by T-Bone Burnett. Burnett, evidently, encouraged Brandi to record sparsely produced songs live (which I assume means in one take rather than recording the vocal track separate) to give it a more authentic voice. And if the first single is any hint, it works. You can hear it here. (Aside, I read a few review of this single on Itunes and had to laugh when one said that American Idol's Simon would call it "dreadful." Just one more reason to dislike American Idol.)


ubub said...

Yeah, Streak, but you heard the album review on NPR for crying out loud. So, you may be hip, but dude, your old.

Full disclosure: NPR is the first two preset buttons in my car.

Streak said...

Dammit. I was afraid that would undo my hipness. Oh well. Last year, I was feeling rather hip because one of my students was so impressed that I listened to the Arcade Fire. The next day I mentioned to another student that I listened to the New Pornographers. He nodded and said that he thought his father did too.

So I flunked him.

steve s said...

I am comfortable in my non-hipness. I'd like to think it is bacause I am a non-conformist.

I picked up a copy of Rolling Stone and the writing was dreadful. All MTV shows now is reality shows (and bad ones, at that).