March 15, 2007

Funny. Unfortunately, too true

A friend sends this clip from Mad TV that is a little too close to true. Last night on the Daily Show, Zbigniew Brzezinski had this to say about the Bush administration:
"'The real problem is that we have had a policy lately that has been dividing our friends and uniting our enemies, and should be the other way around.'"


steve s said...

Mad TV is usually pretty lame, but that was too funny. I am going to check out ZB's book. Out of all the "experts" I have heard on Iraq, he seems to have good insight. Has anyone read his stuff?

Streak said...

I actually like Mad TV, though like all of those shows, it is hit and miss.

I may check out that book as well, though most policy books depress me. The best case scenario in Iraq appears bad as well. And our leadership is so horrible that I can only hope that we limp through the remainder of this term.