March 12, 2007

Scumbags? and other news

Last night, watching Hardball, they asked Richard Land and Tony Perkins on to discuss the "value voter." At least Richard Land admitted that credibility was an issue. He said that if they now absolved the multiple marriers, the press might call them hypocrites after Clinton. Of course, the Clinton's are still married. Tony Perkins said it was great that Newt confessed and admitted that there was something wrong with it. I am not sure what "it" refers to since I don't know anyone who suggests that adultery is ok.

But why am I listening to Tony Perkins? The same man who spoke to a Council of Conservative Citizens (white supremacy group) and bought a mailing list from David Duke--is lecturing me on moral values?

This speaks more to the declining moral credibility of the right. Though, to be frank, I am not sure how much more they could lose after their complete silence on the issue of torture.

Two other points: Republicans, for all their parading on moral values have already given us the first divorced President--which oddly enough, I had forgotten, and that man still is idolized by the religious right. And the second president that they claim is George W., even after torture, Abu Ghraib and failed wars. They still claim him as a great moral values president.

I can't seem to find respect for their moral values.


The US Attorney purge-gate is gathering steam. Talking Points Memo reports that George Bush the Holy personally spoke to Gonzales to pass along concerns about David Iglesias responding to complaints from the New Mexican senator. And there is more:
Perhaps as telling, according to the new Times article, Kyle Sampson, Alberto Gonzales's Chief of Staff and the guy who was actually in charge of drawing up the list ... well, he resigned today.

Believe me, his boss won't long outlast him.

And one other tidbit -- Sampson had a partner in assembling the list: then-White House Counsel Harriet Miers.

As someone noted on another blog, those complaining about "judicial activism" are again strangely silent when they see their Jesus President politicizing the US Attorney's office and our entire judicial system. But then again, I am beginning to doubt the "value voter" even gets our system. I am almost completely convinced they don't understand the Constitution, and now think that they believe all the safeguards, freedoms, protections, etc. listed in the constitution only belong to them.


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