March 24, 2007

This is kind of funny too

Bible Belt Blogger posts about a Utah coffee shop selling a t-shirt with the image of the angel Moroni blowing a trumpet, with coffee poured into the open end. :)

The Mormon church, shockingly as it may be, lacks a sense of humor. Huh. They assert that the image is a trademark and is pushing to make the coffee shop cease and desist. The coffee shop says it is a parody. Bible Belt Blogger wonders if parodies are exempt from trademark laws. I wonder how a church can trademark a religious figure. Is Jesus trademarked? Steve, as our resident lawyer, perhaps you can help us out.

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steve s said...

First off, intellectual property is not my area of expertise. Jesus isn't a trademark and I have seen all sorts of parodies and merchandise associated with his image. I'll have to admit I don't know all that much about Mormonism and Moroni (sp.?). Is this angel unique to mormonism? If so, then they may have a point if this figure is associated with mormonism.

That being said, it makes them look silly to complain about this.