March 7, 2007

Everything is political

I wrote a list this morning (I think it was this morning--I didn't get much sleep last night) outlining the list of scandals from this administration. I have also asked people to give me examples of positive contributions from this administration or a successful implementation of a policy. Any policy. Have they been effective at passing tax cuts during wartime at the same time they cut Veteran's benefits? Yep.

I have said this before, but I remember how people criticized Clinton for the continual "war room" and charged him with politicizing policy. I honestly don't think Bush people understood that charge, because if Clinton did that, he was an amateur compared to this admin. One time they used the published Budget to insert Bush administration campaign promotions. Who can forget the fake news programs they produced to sell to tv stations, or hiring news analysts to covertly promote their programs on Cable news? Add that Soviet style propaganda a desire to replace policy experts with political hacks everywhere from the FDA, EPA, and who can forget the interviews for employees in the Iraq Reconstruction asked about their views on Roe?

The US Attorney scandal is perhaps the worst example of how this Administration sees every possible moving thing in Washington as a political game. That is what Cheney thought of Watergate, and he has had free reign in this admin to further his agenda. The good news from this was that in spite of their vast level of incompetence, the Bush people evidently appointed some good US Attorneys--people who took their responsibility seriously and professionally. Now we have numerous examples, from New Mexico, to California, to Washington where US Attorneys have been fired for being too tough on immigration or too soft on immigration, or wait, too tough on Republican scum.

As I told Steve in the comments, I know far too many Republicans to assume this is how they believe. I know they are ethical, prinicipled and thoughtful people. But they have carried the water for a White House who is none of the above. At some point we will return to a more level playing ground where scandal is a bi-partisan issue, but that won't happen until this breed of Pseudo-Religious-Corrupt Republicans is sent back to the real estate business.

Worst president in our history. And worst example of Lincoln's part ever.


steve s said...

How about the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006? As part of this, my wife can deduct the cost of supplies she purchases for her class room up to $250. Unfortunately, her expenses are above this, but it is nice. A better idea would be to eliminate (or greatly reduce) the Department of Education and take that money and use it for...drumroll please...educating.

The situation you describe with the US Attorneys is disgusting, but it just highlights a bigger problem. The whole system of appointing these people, appointing jugdes, and appointing magistrates is just asking for corruption and croneyism (sp.?). I am an attorney. I know what has to happen if you want to be appointed by the president or by the governor and it has little to do with being the most qualified.

Streak said...

Steve, I will confess not knowing much about the Tax Relief and Health Care act. I don't doubt that there are some positive acts that originated in this congress, but have seen very little that struck me as effective.

I guess I am not convinced that the system has to be about cronyism and corruption. Appointing people has problems, but so does the process of electing judges. In the case of the US Attorneys, by all accounts of current and former US Attorneys, the system before at least required Senate confirmation to allow some oversight over the process (that is the little part added to the Patriot Act) and more importantly, the US Attorneys by tradition strove to act above partisan difficulties. Jonathan Turley (law professor from GW) said last night that he had never heard of politicians calling US Attorneys to pressure indictments.

Like I said, this isn't politics as usual. Everything in the Bush administration is political. Everything. And especially unfortunate, perhaps, but our very constitution and judicial system are part of "everything."

steve s said...

The problems you point out the the US Attorneys are troubling. I know some and can honestly say that they got their job as a political favor or payment of a "debt." If some partner in a big firm wants to hire his nephew or one of his frat brothers, that is fine with me. I don't want my tax money to support some politician's buddy.

I don't have an easy solution. Maybe it would be better to have these people appointed by commissions.

As for the courts, it would be nice if they would stand up to the president and congress more often.