September 26, 2008

The Debate

I can't watch for more than a few moments. When McCain turns dickish, I just have to leave the room. That means every time he speaks. "What Senator Obama doesn't understand..." or "that is dangerous talk."

Yeah, like joking about bombing Iran wasn't.

I am biased. My mind has been made up since Bush authorized torture and then defended it. The Republicans have lost the moral authority to lead, and I will not vote for another one until they clean house. I am biased.

But I think Obama has passed the "Presidential" threshold. McCain, from what I saw, landed a few soft shots on Obama's sub-committee, but the rest of his stuff was more lies, and more defense of Bush policies. Except he doesn't claim they are Bush policies.


I especially liked when he named his "partner." Though I am pretty sure he didn't actually name her, nor note that her proximity to Russia made her a foreign policy guru.


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