September 25, 2008

Suspending the blog

Not really, but that is the joke going around after McCain's gambit. Many think it is a pure political trick aimed at protecting Sarah Palin from dominating the news.

And she is not very good. And she still hasn't faced up to scary reporters--but is prepared to face up to Putin?

McCain thinks so little of this country that he is willing to put a person one heartbeat away from the President who is not prepared to answer questions from the media. Prepared to back up the President, but not prepared to answer any meaningful questions.

Her candidacy is an insult to women for sure, and an insult to America.


Tony said...
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Tony said...

Stands up to Putin? She wants to go to war with Putin.

JoeG said...

Absolutely frightening. Once this "suspension" crud all clears and we get on with the debates, I have a feeling Biden is going to make her look ridiculous. Hopefully that will put an end to the Palin hype and sink McCain's candidacy for good. I don't know what an Obama presidency will bring, but I am very fearful of another 4 years of Republican rule.

Tony said...


I would go so far as to say I am certain Biden will makes her look ridiculous. Earlier this week Ambinder posted on Biden meeting with heads of state; Ambinder received a list from Biden's office about all the heads of stated he had met with since chairing the Foreign Relations Committee. Biden's office sent him a partial list--over sixty heads of state over the course of several years, plus diplomatic meetings he had with heads over various issues. Palin met with five or six in a single day.

And we are supposed to take Palin seriously...why?

In the link I posted above, you can read where she literally says we should take Russia seriously because, you know, "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia here from Alaska."

But to Streak's point on suspending the campaign, you should see David Letterman's take on it.

Funny, funny stuff--but he makes a significant point--if McCain feels the need to suspend the campaign, why not let the pit bull continue campaigning in his place? A fair question, I think.

leighton said...

Well, Biden will clean her clock if the VP debate actually happens. I'm not so sure of that anymore.

JoeG said...

Well, it seems the parties have worked out a deal, so the debates should go on as planned. If McCain keeps pushing for the delay, it'll just prove the smokescreen to try and isolate Palin from getting a televised drubbing from Biden. Just as the VP debate put the final nail in Ross Perot's campaign when his running mate looked like a zombie, so too will this VP debate seal McCain's fate.

ubub said...

I suspended my commenting on your blog because of the crisis. You probably just thought I was busy this week.

Statue of Liberty Facts said...

Great while it lasted. Thanks.