April 6, 2009

And people wonder why I have lost respect for the GOP

They are now holding Obama nominees hostage in order to keep Bush torture memos secret. I know too many Republicans who are offended by torture, but this kind of action makes it very hard to believe that the institutional GOP and leadership don't really support it. They have done everything in their power to help Bush and Cheney torture. Holding up nominees is political theater, and Democrats have done that as well. And the winning side, as Hilzoy notes, gets to say that they won and should get the nominees the President wants. But the bigger issue is why the GOP is threatening war on these nominees--to defend torture. It should make the grownup Republicans feel just a little ill.

And while I am reading Obsidian Wings, let me note this other great post by publius on our lost decade. It isn't just that Bush invaded Iraq and tortured people--something we may never dig our way out of. But all of the things that Bush and the Republicans refused to do and squandered. Work on climate change, health care, etc. Goes back to my continual rant that these particular Republicans have no interest in investing in anything for the public good, and have no interest beyond cutting taxes for the rich and regulations for the corporations. And we have seen just how well that has worked. Our lost decade.

Let's hope it is just a decade. I would like America back, thank you very much.

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