April 10, 2009


And people wonder why I have lost all respect for the GOP? Republican Representative Spencer Bachus told his Alabama constituents that there were 17 unnamed socialists in the US House.

Well, why not go back to the old playbook. It worked for a long time. And I even have friends telling me that Obama is heading toward socialism.


ubub said...

I wonder if he has a son-in-law with a Medal of Honor who passes the time playing a little solitaire?

Bootleg Blogger said...

Great posts lately. Life's kind of crazy lately so I've had the energy to read but not to form sentences and type:).

Regarding the Bachus article,he actually complements Obama in comparison to Bush. Times ARE interesting.

His use of the term socialist is interesting. Socialist as opposed to what? Capitalist? I'd be very surprised to find anyone in congress completely meeting either of these labels, while I'm sure most are more one than the other. More soundbyte politics.

Even if Bachus is correct and there's some dyed in the wool socialists in congress it's a great testimony to our republic's democratic election system that they're evidently representing districts that want them there.

Interesting how these labels work- Bachus requested solely or jointly $11 million worth of earmarks for Alabama. I guess a pure capitalist wouldn't want to take pooled federal money to implement projects that could be done by private funding:). Also, Alabama receives more federal funds than they contribute to the federal coffers. Hmmmmm. The lines between principles and practice can get blurry sometimes.

Streak said...

I have been pondering the exact same question, BB. What the hell do they mean by "socialist?" This gets to what we have been talking about for months and years--the right leaning of the GOP to the point that they have no perspective on right v. left. The right has mainstreamed their crazies like Glen Beck and Sean Hannity and doesn't even recognize how crazy they are. They have moved so far to the right that they think that tax increases are evil and government regulation is stepping us toward socialism. But, as you note, when you look at their individual states, they get a bunch of money from the federal government, and often more than they contribute. Palin's Alaska was one of those, as I recall.

I have asked several conservatives if they want to give back their state subsidized college degrees or start not using interstate highways, or buying stuff that was shipped on those subsidized and socialized highways.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Interestingly enough, Bachus is an Auburn grad. A land grant college, no less:)

Jadon said...

I guess they need *this* guy to help them out: