April 23, 2009


Just wow. Fox News' Shep Smith says it better than I could: "We do not f***ing torture!.

F-bomb warning, by the way. But he articulates this very forcefully and rejects what is the most unseemly part of this entire torture "debate." Many Republicans want to make this a matter of "policy," as in just another policy like taxation or agency management. Never mind that those same Republicans accuse those who disagree with their policies on taxes or marriage as being disloyal, but let's just remember how ridiculous it is to debate the morality of torture. Or at least, it used to be ridiculous. Karl Rove wants it to be about policy, because that makes torture prosecutions political. Unfortunately, I have heard that same line from conservative friends. Torture is just another policy. Like wiretapping or preemptive war. Or, hypothetically, like genocide.

I like Shep Smith's take better. It doesn't matter if it works or not, "we are America. We don't f***ing torture."


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