April 18, 2009

Saturday remodel etc.

It has been a stressful week. Concrete guy poured our safe room foundation on Wednesday, and the room itself is scheduled to be installed on this coming Wednesday. Spent much of this last week dismantling things in the garage, and my back and neck show the signs. But it is all coming along. Just a little stressful for me, as I feel out of control at times and worry about my decision making. Our neighbor came over to inspect, and really urged me to just relax. That helped a lot.

Today is our spring cleaning day where the trash people pick up stuff they don't normally pick up. Most of the stuff is picked over by local Normanites driving around in trucks or towing trailers. Our own version of Freecycle, I guess. Speaking of Freecycle, they have been a real help. Our city trucks say they won't pick up remodel or construction trash, so I just posted some of the planking I removed from the garage and had 10 or 15 hits just last night. Pretty cool way to keep stuff out of the landfill a little longer.

And this week hasn't been all stress, btw. Some humor along the way. Yesterday, we participated in closing on a loan, and our company sent out a local notary who does this kind of thing. He was great. Had a sense of humor and liked our animals. He caught me, however, scratching out an error on one of the million times we had to sign and date. He had me put a line through it, redo it, and then both of us initial. This was to assure the company people that he, the notary, had not made the change himself. We laughed about that, and he noted that those kinds of things often just seem to confuse the company people.

By the end of all the forms, I was pretty worn out, and my normally illegible signature was getting even less so. On the very last page, I had to initial, and messed that up too. I looked up and said, "do I have to scratch out my initial, redo it, and then initial that?"

Our notary just looked at me and then really started laughing. He had never run into that. We just submitted a different clean form, and I was able to successfully initial that last page.

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ANewAnglican@gmail.com said...

Hey, I passed by your house during my afternoon walk and was hoping to catch you guys so I could get a tour of the work in progress. Maybe later. Be sure to take pictures to document the whole build