April 26, 2009

Because sometimes stupidity hurts to watch

You have to check out Texas' own Joe Barton asking Steven Chu "how all that oil ended up under Alaska. Barton later brags on Twitter that he "baffled" the Nobel laureate. And I think he really did baffle Chu. Chu was genuinely baffled to such a question from a grown man.

I know Democrats have their share of stupid people. Trust me, I know. But Republicans seem to have elected more than their share. Way more.

The stupidity hurts...

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leighton said...

I'm not sure how many genuinely stupid Republicans there are in DC; my guess is not very many. Crap like this reads more to me like an underhanded provocation game, where they're trying to provoke educated and lefty-types into calling them (and by extension, the people who vote for them) ignorant, stupid, morally reprehensible, and things along these lines, thus solidifying their base. Unwise and needlessly divisive, yes; bad for the country, probably; evil, possibly. But not stupid, in that they achieve this goal almost all the time.

I make exceptions for people like Michelle Bachmann, who seem to honestly believe their lunacy and thus seem more or less incapable of acting in their own best interests, electorally speaking. But for the most part, I assume shenanigans like this are deliberate. I would rather not get taken in by political trolls.