April 21, 2009

Best blog title this morning

Thrice-Married Former House Speaker Charges Democrats With “Breaking Down Traditional Marriage”

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steves said...

I am having some trouble getting the original article from Christianity Today to open, so I am not sure what Newt said. I am assuming (and plese correct me if I am wrong) that he is speaking about liberals and gay marriage. I am more and more convinced that there is no rational way to oppose gay marriage. The only argument against it is religious or emotional, and fankly, neither of those should be the basis of any law in a secular nation. There is a significant group that wants to be able to enjoy some form of legalized, state-recognized union, and to deny them this just does not make sense.

You should read the Iowa Supreme Ct. opinion that gives the green light to gay marriage. They address the concern of the traditional marriage and point out that it is a circular argument and refused to give it much credence.