April 16, 2009


Some scenes from the "tea parties" yesterday. Yeah, I am aware that some people on the left referred to Bush as a fascist too. But most of those could at least say why.

Watch the video here and see the logical conclusion of right wing talk radio and anti-government sentiment. People hate government even though they rely on it for so much, and would throw a fit if those services disappeared. Their political philosophy has been reduced to the bare minimum Palinesque sentencing. "He is a fascist." Why do you say that? "Because he is." Why? And the idiot with the 2 year old has no clue what his government does to allow him to make money.


Monk-in-Training said...

How and in what way does this guy not understand that Lincoln not only raised taxes to pursue a War, but introduced the FIRST income tax in the history of the Republic.

And that income tax was progressive, as taxes of this nature should be (in my opinion).

So does that mean Lincoln is a facist?

steves said...

Lincoln's tax was 3% on incomes over $800.

I think a moderately progressive income tax is fair and I don't have a problem with what Obama is proposing, but I don't think we should return to the days where the top bracket was paying over 90%.

Streak said...

Obama's increase in taxes is, of course, just ending the Bush tax cuts, and sending it back to Clinton years. Something like a 3% tax, and that is fascism? Tyranny?

We forget that the upper levels paid amazing levels of taxes during the 50s, which until the artificial boom of late, was our golden era of economic growth. So I am not convinced that the rich were turned poor by taxes. :)

What is more troubling, btw, are the people protesting the taxes who will never pay those taxes. Most of those people will see their taxes go down under Tyrant Obama.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln was an idiot. He is morally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.