April 11, 2009

Because I bet one of us will see this email somewhere

Be on the watch for an email saying that Snopes is run by a liberal couple, because, of course, they are anti-conservative, or some other such nonsense. I keep thinking about Colbert's brilliant line a few feet from Bush, "the truth has a well-known liberal bias."

The right continues to make parodies of them redundant.


steves said...

"the truth has a well-known liberal bias."

Except when it doesn't. ; )

I have seen the anti Snopes thing pop up on a few sites, but never gave it much thought. They are still my go to site for urban legends and stupid e-mails. That being said, they are only as good as their sources and I have found that some people think they are the the absolute truth. I suspect these are the same people that think the same of Wikipedia.

Streak said...

Yeah, no reason to accept Snopes as gospel, but this email reminds me too much of the right wing dismissal of truths they don't like. Be skeptical, of course.