April 26, 2009

Facebook Follies, volume 3ish

Been a little busy with the remodel (see SOF's blog accounting of this here), but Friday night we enjoyed dinner with our friends. During our conversation, I was reminded of another Facebook story.

As i have previously mentioned, I have reconnected with some high school friends on Facebook. Some of those interactions have been positive, but most have been brief and meaningless, and a few have been weird. One, as I noted, occurred when I reconnected with a friend from high school, and then experienced a bit of flashback when he criticized, or mocked, my music tastes. My insecurity kicked in, and I thought to myself, "maybe my music tastes are lame." Irrational, in that music tastes are completely subjective, and further because it really doesn't matter if my old friend likes my music or not. We like it, and that is all that matters.

Well, last week, I opened my email one Friday morning to find that Wilco is coming to OKC this summer. I immediately purchased tickets and posted as much on my Facebook page. Several of my friends either proclaimed their jealousy, cheered our decision, or said they were going too. But my old high school bud--the same one who had suggested that my music tastes were lame when I was listening to the Fleet Foxes--asked "who is Wilco and why would you pay for it?"

Confession time. Just as my initial response to his first comment on my music taste was insecurity, this time it was different. I smiled and thought to myself: "He doesn't know Wilco?

No sin in not recognizing Wilco, mind you, but for someone who claims a bit of musical snobbery in the indie and alternative scene, it is a bit of a glaring omission. In some ways, my response was petty and juvenile, but in others, it was a good recognition that I didn't need to really care what my old high school friend thought of anything about my life.

Especially someone who mocks the Fleet Foxes, but doesn't even know about Wilco! :)

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