March 25, 2010

Cantor: It's The Democrats Who Are Fanning The Flames of Violence (VIDEO) | TPMDC

Not sure how he thinks that, but if someone shot through one of his campaign offices, that is despicable too. No excuse. No evidence at this point that it was political or intentional, but if it was an unhinged liberal then it was wrong. Period.

That said, one key difference is that I am not aware of any Democratic leaders out there making jokes about shooting Republicans or suggesting that we should take violent actions against Republicans. Help me out if I am wrong here.


leighton said...

It looks like there's no need to be charitable to Cantor. This line made me laugh out loud:

Putting together Cantor's statements to the press and the police report about the incident, Cantor's claim seems to be that he was attacked by one of those Renaissance military engineers from Italy who first discovered the parabolic ballistic equations that allowed you to shoot artillery nearly straight up in the air and have it hit your enemy on the way back down.

Streak said...

I saw this too. Cantor is being less than honest here. :)

Great line.