March 20, 2010

Right wingers attack 11 year old boy

State of the health care debate: Talk radio attacks an 11-year old | McClatchy:
"Conservative talk show hosts and columnists have ridiculed an 11-year-old Washington state boy's account of his mother's death as a 'sob story' exploited by the White House and congressional Democrats like a 'kiddie shield' to defend their health care legislation.

Marcelas Owens, whose mother got sick, lost her job, lost her health insurance and died, said Thursday he's taking the attacks from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin in stride."
I almost chuckled (as if there is something funny in this story) at the talk show idiots saying that the family should have found a government program to help her. I am reminded that Eric Cantor said something similar last fall--telling someone they should find a government program to help them even as he does what he can to undermine government programs.

I keep waiting for grownup Republicans to distance themselves from the idiot conservatives. But they don't. Saw today that Virginia's legislature passed a resolution praising Pat Robertson on his 80th birthday. Praising him for his compassion. Now Beck, Malkin and Limbaugh do what they always do--scorched earth tactics and the grownups sit on their hands. The ends of defeating Obama are too dear to recognize the awful means.


Earl said...

Aren't people who have no income eligible for medicaid? Especially women with children? Where I live they are. I know some who are on it.

Streak said...

Earl, that may be true. My understanding of Medicaid (and I think others here can speak to this better than I) is that someone like this would have to seriously lose assets to get to the level of receiving Medicaid.

Of course, none of that really excuses Malkin, Beck and Limbaugh. The kid is 11. Give him his voice if he wants it.

steves said...

Generally speaking, a parent could qualify for Medicaid, but their income would have to be pretty low. I don't know if she would have qualified. In my state, if your income is at or below 35% of the federal poverty level you can qualify for services. It used to be lower, but because of SCHIP, the state was able to expand coverage.