March 30, 2010

Well, of course, how could anti-government rants hurt conservatives?

After listening to the unbelievably stupid Michelle Bachmann (only politician who makes Sarah Palin look both measured and smart, btw) tell conservatives that the Census is a plot to find people for internment camps, and even the supposedly rational Ron Paul (and sorry, I am not convinced), who could fortell that we would have record low census return rates in Republican strongholds?

Here is a prediction, btw. Just as the swallows return to Capistrano (or whatever that saying is), and just as Republicans rediscovered the values of dissent and fiscal responsibility when their own idiot wasn't in the White House, we will see Republicans calling for a statistical sampling method if they lose seats in traditional Republican easy districts.

Write that down.


Monk-in-Training said...

You know, this is just odd. I have gone through a few censuses and really.. no internment camps yet!

I would not be surprised you are right, Streak. I assure you they will shriek bloody murder if they loose seats to more Democratic regions. Republicans at my work are filling it out with false racial information to 'throw off the Feds, when they come looking', whatever THAT means.

These are people who have filled the Census out many times, an NOW it is a problem? Why?

Streak said...

I just attended a Coffee Party meeting where we talked about civility and keeping facts in the conversation. When people are lying on the forms based on race to "throw off the feds" and who honestly believe that Obama is trying to install some kind of Soviet-style Collectivist government on them--then facts have long since sailed.

steves said...

then facts have long since sailed.

As has their sanity.

I don't understand this. Most of the folks saying this stuff are fans of the Constitution. They must not have read the part that mandates a census. They also must not have learned that some of the earliest census questions are almost exactly the same as the ones this year.