March 25, 2010

Few quick things

A nice post from Steves at Around the Keg on the supposed constitutional question surrounding healthcare. I am enjoying this blog a lot, btw, so you should visit.

And Tomasky has a nice post on the Republican relationship to violence. He points out an obvious truth, that when conservatives say that the left wing violence was the same, they miss that the Democrats hated those people and vice versa:
"It's the Republicans' posture that makes this violence different from violence on the political left in the 1960s. You didn't find Democrats defending the Weather Underground or the Black Panthers or other violent radical tendencies. Those groups hated the Democratic party almost as much as they hated the Republicans – indeed, the proper and more disciplined dialecticians among the radicals hated the Democrats more since they represented capitalism with a smiling face, as it were. The Democrats, after all, were the ones making war in Vietnam. And the Democrats disliked them back."

Contrast that with the Republicans trying to deal with the crazies in their midst.


steves said...

Thanks for the praise. I do respect the ones in the GOP that are speaking out against the violence and attacks, but as you say in another post, there are others that just seem to be egging them on. The left has their kooks, but at least the mainstream Democrats don't pander to them.

Bob said...

BTW- We will be adding Streak's blog to our blogroll if I ever get around to updating it.

Thanks for coming by.