March 24, 2010

Cheering the thugs, continued

I was initially impressed with Republican Randy Neugebauer's followup to his classless "baby killer" comment while Stupak defended the healthcare bill. He expressed "deep regret" and apologized.

Yeah, that didn't last long. Now, we learn that he is fundraising on the incident. As Benen notes, "so much for "'deep regret' and 'inappropriate'":
"It creates a bizarre dynamic -- GOP extremists now have an incentive to be as boorish as possible, in order to receive rewards from a radical base. Why be an obscure back-bencher in a small caucus when you can act like an idiot and become a Republican star?"

I am just remembering the outrage from Republican circles when the Dixie Chicks said they were "embarrassed by Bush." Now we have people openly calling the President a liar, and calling Democrats "baby killers" (even as the bill restricts abortion rights) and then making money off it.

Stay classy, there, GOP.

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leighton said...

Lack of class may be the least of our worries. But domestic terrorism is okay when you're a Republican.