March 25, 2010

More on Republican fear mongering

Ezra Klein
- We have something to fear from fear-mongering itself
"But totalitarianism? Death panels? The end of America as we know it? These critiques aren't just wrong in their description of a cautious, compromised reform that uses private insurers and spends only 4 percent of what we spend on health care in an average year. They're shocking in terms of what the speakers believe their colleagues and representatives are willing to do to the American people. Nunes, for instance, has served with Democrats for decades. He might believe them too willing to tax society's most-productive members to fund social benefits. But does he really believe them friends of totalitarianism?"
And that actually makes it worse in my estimation. These Republicans are not so stupid that they actually think this bill is the end of American democracy. They say it knowing it to be false, and knowing that it will incite the worst in their base.


LB said...

Forgive me for probably displaying some ignorance here. Studies have kept me from paying much attention to anything more than a few basic headlines in the news of late. However, has the right really used "death panels" as an argument against health care legislation in the last few months? The tactic for the most part from what I can tell is that "we can't afford this bill."

The "death panels" was over the top, but the fiscal issue is a fair point to raise I think.

Streak said...

I meant to ask what your comps were in, LB. Been there, so I completely understand.

Would not say that many Republicans have used the "death panel" stuff of late, but many have used the march to socialism, totalitarianism, or the undoing of our democracy.

the fiscal concerns are fair to raise, as I have noted. But as this and my previous post showed, otherwise supposedly responsible leaders have pandered to the violent tendencies of the right.

LB said...


I have comps over the Early Church, which is my major area, and the Medieval Church, which is my minor area. Thanks for asking.

Streak said...

LB, best of luck. I certainly understand how stressful those kind of exams can be.