March 26, 2010

Disconnects abound

Had a conversation on an old BSU friend's facebook wall concerning the new HCR. Heard a lot of the same "on our way to socialism" and "unsustainable debt" arguments. As I have noted to LB and others, I think the debt issues are legit, but wonder where these people were when Bush refused to pay for two wars and Medicare Part D, and instead cut taxes. I remember seeing a chart of the current deficit, and the tax cuts and two wars make up a big chunk of our short fall right now.

I mentioned as much on this very Christian facebook wall context, and heard from a woman that the tax cuts had actually "increased revenue" after 9-11. I countered with a Bruce Bartlett column from Forbes. She asked me to read a Heritage Foundation report on healthcare because, "Otherwise, it is very likely that with whatever info (a lot or a little) each person has, they will grasp more firmly to the belief they currently hold."

I love being called an idiot by people who have never met me (little info) and then told to read a right wing site. I said something similar and she said that I had asked her to read a left-leaning site.

So there you go. Forbes is a left leaning site, and a former Jack Kemp staffer and architect of supply-side economics is a liberal.

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P M Prescott said...

These people are sheep that just loved to get sheared over and over again.