March 16, 2011

Conservatives shameless? Jumped the shark?

When I see that story I just posted, I wonder what Republicans are even thinking. Do they really think that more guns is really the answer? Do they think that companies will look at Oklahoma and say, "hey, let's relocate there?"

What is more, I truly don't understand my conservative Christian brethren. I just don't. I don't understand their support for tax cuts for the rich and cuts in services for the disabled and poor. I don't think that is Christian, to be honest. Not even close.

Then I see that Rush Limbaugh is mocking Japanese victims, and I have no good faith that my conservative Christian brethren will denounce this as tasteless and unChristian. If this were a just world, Limbaugh would be shamed in public by moral people, and his radio show would be boycotted until he changed. But this is not about morality. It is about racism and hatred and bigotry and all the things that moral people are supposed to reject. Yet, I wonder how many people of faith listen to his show and chuckle--even if uncomfortably?

I just don't get it. I don't get how people can read the stories of Jesus reaching out to people with compassion and kindness and then laugh or support any of this. As I noted in the comments, this is not about either party somehow being consistent for people of faith. I think my conservative friends like to say that they will end up getting things in their party that they don't like--as will I. And I get that, but this is not about that. This is about supporting the undermining of the safety net with no safety net to help.

Conservative Christians made a Faustian bargain some time ago to get some political power, and now cannot even tell their faith from their political philosophy. They cheer torture, mock the poor, and encourage war and destruction. They lobby to cut off foreign aid to the poorest of the poor, and seek to speed up the destruction of the earth--the very same one they claim was created by their loving God. Except, as it turns out, their God doesn't love everyone. Just them.

Count me out.


William said...

Why do you think you're a Christian? I don't see the evidence.

Streak said...

Ok. Say I am not. I really don't care if you don't believe I am a Christian. Can you defend cutting money for the disabled and mentally ill while cutting taxes for the rich? Do so.

steves said...

Have conservative Christians mocked the Japanese? I haven't heard them being supportive of Limbaugh's statements.

Streak said...

Steve, I don't know that evangelicals agreed with this post, but my point was that they often just look the other way when someone like him says stuff this hateful. They don't rise up and demand that conservatives act like adults.

Monk-in-Training said...


I have been getting to know Streak for a while, and I can see his struggles with the Faith, and how he wants the followers of Christ to actually do what Christ told them to do. So, I would say yea, Streak is a person who truly seeks God. This very post is the evidence you need to see, if you read it with open eyes.

I would also say that in Oklahoma, many people who attempt to follow Christ truthfully and in their lives, don't want to use the word 'Christian' because of things Streak said in his post.

Steves, unfortunately I have heard two Conservative Christians who had disparaging words to say, one said they deserved it, the other just made jokes about it. Such is the state of Christ's followers in this community.

That being said, I have heard no Evangelical leader saying anything like they have in the past with Katrina, Haiti, and 9/11.

Streak said...

Thanks, Monk. I appreciate the kind words.