March 6, 2011

Live Music tonight--Audrey Auld

We went to see Audrey Auld at our local train station/performing arts studio. We have seen some really good shows there over the years. Slaid Cleaves, Mark Erelli, and Eliza Gilkyson have all given great shows. Tonights with Audrey ranks right up there for me.

We met Audrey last spring at another local venue, then got to see her at the Woody Guthrie Festival last summer. So I emailed her through Facebook and requested a few songs. Not only did she remember, but she gave me a little shout out when she introduced her great "Down in a Hole." It was a very nice and gracious moment. She then turned to her guitar player (who happens to be my buddy, and guitar mentor, Terry "Buffalo" Ware, and mentioned that I was one of his students.

He grinned and said, "he is one of my most troublesome students."

It was truly a great moment.

Anyway, enjoy Audrey (here playing with another great guitarist--Andrew Hardin). As I noted on my facebook wall, sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't. Tonight it worked.

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