March 5, 2011

What Would Jesus Cut?

Reading the news yesterday was like stepping through the looking glass into a place where the rich conservative males are the only ones that matter. Criminalizing miscarriages, for Christ's sake? And I don't mean that as a curse. I mean, literally, that those claiming to speak for Christ would push women to defend a miscarriage. Just about the most invasive government I can imagine, of course. But also one of the meanest and least Christian that I can possibly imagine.

SOF and I discussed this last night and she noted that this sounded like people who have lost perspective on their goals. They so love the unborn fetus that they have forgotten the context, and the people, and the pain, and the complicated nature of the world. Theirs is a world without compassion or even love. To see that, and then claim it as Christian is, frankly, horrific. Whatever Christ did, he did it with compassion and love. But I see none of that in his followers, and those who invoke his name the most.

And, of course, it isn't just their war on sexual women, but on everyone not in the wealthy class. Republicans are cutting budgets with a meat cleaver--refusing to consider tax increases to pay for necessary programs, and in fact, cutting taxes for the wealthy class. As I saw on FB this morning, Warren Buffett evidently said that there is, in fact, a class war going, but it is the "rich class, that's making war, and we're winning."

Tax cuts for the rich, but spending cuts for the poor. In Arizona, two people awaiting an organ transplant died when Republicans cut funding. No worries for the rich, of course. They can swing the cost. In Wisconsin, Republicans are cutting medicaid for those needing kidney help. Again, the rich will be fine, but the poor will die. As Jesus, evidently, wanted it to be. Or not.

Our friend UBUB is there, fighting for some kind of sanity in the Badger state, and he noted this morning that the budget "tells the poor, those with disabilities, children, public workers, public libraries, anything with public in the name, ""too bad for you." I have meant to call my Republican congressman and ask why the only people not being asked to sacrifice are the ones who can easily do so?

If this is Christianity, then I am an NBA shooting guard.

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July 14, Streak.

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