March 4, 2011

Hmm...Perhaps Republicans really hate it when women have sex?

The Fix - Why is Mike Huckabee criticizing Natalie Portman? (Poll)

Huckabee, fresh off saying that the President was raised in Kenya (but meant to say Indonesia) and was so influenced by the Mau Mau Revolt that he hates America instinctively. That is why he wanted to be President. Don't think about it, or then you might see the lack of logic.

But now, he is taking aim at Natalie Portman who is (gasp) pregnant and wasn't married at the time of her (gasp) pregnancy. Oh Noes! Of course, as even the Huck has to acknowledge, Portman is marrying her fiance. But the damage occurred when Portman actually had sex outside marriage. Because that is unforgivable. And an easy sell to the religious right base who is easily distracted by women having sex or gays having sex, or people thinking about having sex (see a trend here?).

David Brooks said tonight that he didn't think Huckabee would run this time. I think he is hoping, because as a semi-thinking Republican, he recognizes that Huckabee is no better than Palin or Gingrich. None of them should be allowed to govern a PTA, much less a country.


Mrs. Smitty said...

Interestingly, the Bible (their absolutely true, 100% correct historical, factual account) is absolutely chock-full of torrid sexual encounters, many of which are vastly out of wedlock or are what we consider illegal (pederasty, incest, etc).

A guy's daughters getting him drunk and banging their own dad in a cave? In there.

A guy offering his virgin daughters to the angry masses? In there.

The Sons of God coming down from heaven and having sex with earth women? In there.

A guy marrying his half sister, banging her, then offering for the Pharaoh to bang her too, which he does? In there.

I could go on, but I might get a little randy. And that'd be a sin. AMIRITE??

Mrs. Smitty said...



Streak said...

But I like what Mrs. Smitty has to say. :)