March 29, 2011

This hoser took my idea

But it is still a great idea. Tomasky and his crew suggest that we provide each tax payer an itemized receipt showing where their money goes.
The numbers show what you and I know but 97% of Americans don't. Their "Jane Q. Taxpayer" earned $50,000 and paid $6,883 in income and Social Security and Medicare taxes. Her bill breaks down like this (I'm not listing every category, just some interesting ones):
1. Defense $1,375.40
2. Social Security $1,334.78
3. Medicare $845.70
4. Low-income assistance $617.16
6. Interest payments $433.11
13. Environmental protection/natural resources $72.26
19. Foreign aid $42.81
30. Arts and culture $4.92
Imagine. Many of us pay less than the cost of a six pack or a very cheap lunch for arts and culture.

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