March 13, 2011

Would you drive to Amarillo to eat at Subway?

Of course not.

But, as it turns out, that exactly describes our brief, but stressful, vacation. We were headed to Taos for some skiing and relaxation, but just as we crossed into Amarillo, our friends called to say that Streak was not walking. That was surprising as he had been walking that morning and looked relatively normal. We waited a few minutes to see if he was just overly tired, but then decided to return home. Our amazing friends stopped by a little later, and with our neighbor decided that Streak needed to visit the vet.

He is a little anemic (for some reasons that we are pretty clear on now), but is at the emergency clinic getting fluids. We visited him this morning and he looked really pretty good. We will take him home this afternoon and see how he does.

He is one tough little guy, that is for sure. And while we kind of wanted a vacation, we are pretty glad to be home with him and the others.


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