March 11, 2011

Republican insanity

As we watch in horror as the tsunami damage unfolds in Japan, I read today that the GOP wants to cut spending for tsunami protection. Why not? Most of them don't live in the path, so why should they care?

But then I read that they are cutting support for the Special Olympics. Jesus Christ.

I think Ezra Klein gets it:
"And that gets to what this debate is really about: not cutting spending or reducing the deficit, but cutting spending Republicans don't like while avoiding any and all tax increases -- even if that means the country has higher deficits and the middle- and working-class bear more of the burden."

Don't tell me that the Republicans don't hate the poor and working class. And don't tell me that they care about the needy.

They don't. And the tsunami cuts show that they are even more stupid than they are callous.


Spunky said...

The Federal Government isn't going to fund the Special Olympics? How can those Republicans violate the Constitution like that?

Streak said...

Yeah, fuck you Spunky. But may God protect you from infirmity or disability, because the GOP will write you off.

steves said...

As much as I support the Special Olympics, I would rather the money go to better funding Medicaid or increasing Title XVI disability payments, which have remained stagnant for years.