April 23, 2006

Always listen to Zalm and UBUB

Both insisted that I buy the Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings the Flood album. I did (though from Emusic.com--though these links are to Amazon) and really like it. My favorite song right now is "Hold on, Hold on" though "The needle has landed" is stunning. I don't recall a more unique or powerful voice.

That said, however, my recent blog post on Brandi Carlile (odd that I am pushing a singer named "Brandi") and a conversation with my friend Mary reminded me how much I like Lone Justice and Maria McKee. I pulled out those albums and remembered how blown away I was when I first heard "east of eden," and "after the flood." Good stuff.

Zalm recommended Calexico's Garden Ruin and I read how many people were discussing this album. I saw Calexico play a song with Wilco at the ACL fest (they opened for them the night before--or so I heard) and they sounded great (if you like horns), but I was not filled with a strong urge to go out and buy their stuff. Then came Calexico's collaboration with Iron & Wine on In the Reins and I was intrigued. Now this album, which everyone seems to be in agreement marks a departure from their earlier stuff--in a very good way. While I am in no place to comment on that, I can say that I find myself wanting to listen to this album over and over.


u.b.u.b. said...

YOU MUST OBEY! Whoooooooooh!

I still love Widow's Toast - the harmonies on there realy get me - and it remains my favorite among several standouts and no real throwaways.

Also, Arctic Monkeys IS nearly as good as the hype would suggest. I recommend it.

Lately, I am listening to a lot of Rufus Thomas. There's something about old soul music in the spring.

zalm said...

"Hold on, Hold on" is my favorite as well. And for what it's worth, Calexico is pretty much Neko's backing band for the album.

Nice work if you can get it.

Glad you like 'em.