April 10, 2006

Monday music

I am still enjoying the memory of Friday's concert with Ray Wylie. I picked up one of his cds on Saturday and really enjoy it, but like so many good artists, his voice and guitar live are just so much better than the studio stuff. On the way home from the show, the only music on the Ipod similar to the bluesy side of Ray Wylie was Buddy Miller's "Universal United House of Prayer." Man, has that one grown on me.

Today, I scanned through some music blogs and found a really nice cover. Heather posted a Nicole Nordeman cover of U2's "Grace." It has been a while since I listened to that U2 album--in fact, I remember well playing it on the cd player while we repainted and prepared to have our floors redone. Some thought that album was over-produced (whatever the hell that means) and not as good as U2's early stuff. I can see that, but this song is one of those great, beautiful, haunting songs about a pretty interesting and difficult concept.

Anyway, check it out.




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Labels receive hundreds of unsolicited demos everyday, so how do you get them to open and ultimately listen to yours? Well, a large percentage of it has to do with the 5 W?s (who, what, when, where and why):
1. Whom do you know in the business?
2. What is your product?
3. When-timing
4. Where-are you physically visible; can someone find you?
5. Why should they listen to your product?

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