April 20, 2006

Democracy whiplash

Driving home from guitar this afternoon, I listened to the NPR coverage of Bush's meeting with China's president, as well as the discussion regarding the Falun Gong heckler. First, we have the standard American finger wag of Chinese human rights policies:
CNN.com: "'As the relationship between our two nations grows and matures, we can be candid about our disagreements,' Bush said. 'I'll continue to discuss with President Hu the importance of respecting human rights and the freedoms of the Chinese people.'Bush called for expanded Chinese freedoms to 'assemble, speak freely and to worship.'"

Stupid Chinese. Don't even allow people free speech.

China heckler at White House prompts Bush apology: Reuters.com: "After being welcomed by Bush, the Chinese president was just beginning his response when a woman, who had been allowed into the press section, started shouting. She was escorted away by a uniformed U.S. guard.'President Hu, your days are numbered. President Bush, make him stop persecuting Falun Gong,' the woman yelled. U.S. officials later identified her as Wang Wenyi, 47, a reporter with The Epoch Times, an English-language publication strongly supportive of the meditation movement that is banned in China.

'This was unfortunate and I'm sorry this happened,' Bush told Hu, according to Dennis Wilder, a senior official with the National Security Council.The Secret Service charged Wang with disorderly conduct under local statutes. The U.S. Attorney's office was weighing federal charges of 'willing intimidation or disruption of a foreign official,' said Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren."

Shorter Bush: "I am sorry that you saw an example of free speech. We will prosecute her and put her in jail just as you would. We probably won't shoot her as you would, but we will take care of this. But you be sure to extend freedomosity to your people, even as we do. Oh wait..."

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